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Ghostshield in the field

Caoba Miami Iso-Tek® 8540VOC

Our latest project in Florida was for the beautiful new Caoba Apartments, part of the new Miami Worldcenter. Ghostshield was the perfect sealer for their high-traffic parking garage.

Grove at Grand Bay Iso-Tek® 8501

The Grove at Grand Bay is certainly one of the most impressive structures built in recent years. Of course, our next-generation sealer, the Iso-Tek 8501 was used.

432 Park Ave New York Iso-Tek® 8501

432 Park Avenue - the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere - sealed with our flagship commercial product, Iso-Tek 8501; a thixotropic sealer.

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Iso-Tek® 8540VOC

Jet set with us to the sunshine state where we apply Ghostshield's Iso-Tek® 8540VOC to Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center. The 8540VOC protects against wind-driven rain weatherproofing the structure while also minimizing atmospheric staining.

Orlando Sanford International Airport Siloxa-Tek® 8500

Siloxa-Tek® 8500 concrete sealer protects the parking lot at Orlando Sanford International Airport in sunny Florida. Planning a trip? Be sure to put this parking deck on your sight-seeing list!

Ghostshield Iso-Tek 8501 Concrete Sealer

Arkansas State University
Iso-Tek® 8501

We take our show on the road again to Arkansas State University. The Fowler Auditorium needed to be protected from the elements, and we had just the product for them to protect and seal like no other!

Weatherproofing Arizona Schools Systems SILOXA-TEK® 8510

Next in our series of Ghostshield "In the Field" videos is the Siloxa-Tek™ 8510 concrete sealer, perfect sealer for concrete, brick, cinderblock, slate, stucco, pavers, stone, stamped concrete and other substrates.

Redi-Mix Colors "Concrete Protection Process" Taco Bell Drive thru

Ghostshield partners up with Redi-Mix colors to seal and protect concrete drive-thru pads at a fast food chain. Over the years these pads will see a large amount of traffic, which would normally mean lots of wear and tear.

NH1 Motoplex Lithi-Tek® 4500 /
Siloxa-Tek® 8510

NH1 Motorplex is the first and only electric karting venue in New Hampshire. The indoor roadways are densified and strengthened with Lithi-Tek 4500 and sealed with Siloxa-Tek 8510 -- the ultimate combination.

EPOXY 325™ / URETHANE 645™
Color: Medium Gray

Warehouses, garages, and workshop floors see a lot of damage over the course of their lives. Ghostshield's Epoxy 325 and Urethane 645 are up for the task, and are specially formulated to repel chemicals and resist abrasion.

MICRO-DEGREASER™ 1100 concrete cleaner / Siloxa-Tek® 8510

View the Micro-Degreaser 1100™ a non-acid-based, non-toxic industrial grade cleaner and the Siloxa-Tek® 8510 concrete sealer a deep-penetrating oil and salt repellent and stain resistant sealer in action.

HYDRO-ETCH 1000™ A powerful acid-based cleaner & concrete etcher

Hydro-Etch 1000™ takes the spotlight this week. It's a powerful acid-etching solution for cleaning concrete prior to applying a concrete sealer or one of our epoxy or urethane floor coatings.

MICRO-DEGREASER 1100™ / WEAR-TEK® 4400 for ISA Markings

See the powerful cleaning action of the Micro-Degreaser™ 1100 combined with the durability of the Wear-Tek® 4400. Grease, dirt, and grime don't stand a chance against this powerful duo.

Redi-Mix Colors / MICRO-DEGREASER 1100™

Travel with us to Redi-Mix's Taunton plant where we help with a dirt, grime, and grease issue in one of their garage bays. The Micro-Degreaser™ 1100 is perfect for the task - see it in action!

Resurface Kauai Approved Applicator Applying Siloxa-Tek® 8505

Aloha! Venture with us to Hawaii where we teamed up with Resurface Kauai for multiple sealing, waterproofing, and oil repellency projects. Mahalo!

Northshire Landscaping / Approved Applicator Applying SILOXA-TEK® 8510

Ghostshield and NorthShire Landscaping get together to take on this backyard patio and entrance walkway. Using our best-in-class sealer and waterproofer, the Siloxa-Tek® 8510 concrete sealer.

MTM Flooring Approved Applicator Applying Epoxy 325® / URETHANE 645®

Ghostshield and MTM Flooring partner up to tackle this paint and pottery studio with the Epoxy 325, our water-based epoxy concrete coating designed to repel chemicals and resist abrasion.

COUNTERTOP SEALER 880™ & Ghostshield concrete sealer WAX

Concrete countertops are extremely popular right now. In this video, Ben and Jess will show you the step-by-step application process, from sanding to sealing and waxing.

Video Gallery

How to seal concrete

G TV Applying CRYLI-TEK® 5505

Ben and Jess demonstrate how to apply Ghostshield Cryli-Tek 5505 high gloss concrete sealer and coating. On location in Milford, New Hampshire.

G TV Applying SILOXA-TEK® 8500

Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8500 is the sealer of choice as Ben and Jess visit two project locations in Merrimack, NH to demonstrate how to apply a clear-drying, penetrating concrete sealer.

G TV HYDRO-ETCH 1000™ / EPOXY 325™ Urethane 645™ epoxy floor coating

Ben and Jess acid etch and seal a concrete garage floor with Ghostshield Hydro-Etch 1000 and Ghostshield Epoxy 325.

G TV SILOXA-TEK® 8510 concrete sealer

At the antique Harley House in central Massachusetts, Ben and Jess apply Ghostshield Siloxa-Tek 8510 to a pool deck.

How Ghostshield concrete sealers work 3d illustration

Advancing concrete protection at the nanoscale, Ghostshield concrete and masonry sealers by KreteTek Industries offer unparalleled performance.

the iconic superstructure 432 PARK AVe Sealer Specified: Iso-Tek® 8501

Sylvian Marcus - Engineer 432 Park Avenue