Stucco sealer

Stucco is a plaster based cementitious material that is applied to interior and exterior walls and building facades. This low maintenance material is strong and durable and can be left natural, tinted or painted. If stucco is left natural it is best to use a stucco sealer to protect it from weathering, wind driven rain, moisture intrusion, cracking and organic growth like mold and mildew.

ISO-TEK™ 8100

Best used as a water repellent sealer on natural stucco or as a primer and bonding agent for stucco that will be painted.


This 100% actives silane sealer is the deepest penetrating, longest lasting and highest actives stucco sealer we offer. It is best used as a primer or bonding agent before painting stucco that has never been painted. It can also be used as a water repellent sealer on natural stucco to resist wind driven rain, moisture intrusion and weathering. It will also stunt mold and mildew growth making the organic growth easier to clean.

Available only in a ready to use version, two coats are easily applied wet-on-wet with a sprayer, roller or brush.