Science and Protection at the Nanoscale

In the spirit of scientific transparency, take a look at 3800x magnification and see what drives Ghostshield; the next generation of penetrating concrete sealers and coatings.


Developed over decades by research scientist and chemist Ghostshield’s formulas are the most innovative concrete sealers available in the market. Utilizing molecular nanotechnology, the active ingredients are engineered to have the smallest atomic structures possible. The active particle sizes are 0.3 to 1.5 nanometers in diameter 100 times smaller than traditional chemistries resulting in deeper penetration, longer service life and unrivaled performance.

(0.3 to 0.6 nm)
(0.4 to 1.5 nm)
(3 to 30 nm)
Sodium Silicate
(2 to 500 nm)
Lithium Silicate
(0.8 to 150 nm)

How small is a nanometer?

In the International System of Units, the prefix "nano" means one-billionth, or 10-9; therefore one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. It’s difficult to imagine just how small that is, so here are some examples.

Unlike traditional silane / siloxane particles, on a microscopic scale, Ghostshield’s nano-particles are so small they can travel through a single grain of sand, one of the three crucial components of concrete worldwide.

A single grain of sand is 500,000 nanometers in diameter.
A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers in diameter.
The active particle size in Ghostshield formulas is 0.3 to 1.5 nanometers in diamater.

Under the Microscope

At 2500x magnification under the microscope, we can see the impact of Ghostshield's nanoparticles; the covalent bond from the chemical reaction and the formation of additional CSH calcium silicate hydrate within the pores. Compared to the upper untreated section of the sample, this treatment observed in the lower treated section of the sample significantly reduces the porosity of the concrete, increasing its mass and density making it up to .45 stronger and reducing its ability for capillary uptake and other deleterious harmful substances.

100x Magnification

At 100x magnification under the microscope we can observe the porosity of concrete with a mix design of 4000 psi.

3800x Magnification

At 3800x magnification we can observe a microscopic hairline crack within a pore wall of the 4000 psi concrete.

2500x Magnification

At 2500x magnification under the microscope, we can see the impact of Ghostshield's nanoparticles.

Behind the Lens

See how the high-magnification photos of the concrete were taken utilizing a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope).

Smaller Particles
Penetrate Deeper

When it comes to penetrating concrete sealer, size matters. Ghostshield's formulas utilize the latest advances in nanotechnology and chemistry to penetrate deeper and last longer.

Depth of Penetration: Ghostshield's Nano Particles Vs. Traditional Silane/Siloxane Chemistry


All damage to concrete requires water. Ghostshield concrete sealers aid in the prevention of freeze thaw damage, alkali-silica reaction, chloride-induced damage, surface spalling, pitting and ettringite formation extending its service life. Treated concrete lasts longer.

Percentage Improvement Vs. Control